Wakefield Alliance Against Violence
Wakefield Alliance Against Violence

2020 White Ribbon Reception  * Wednesday March 4th, 2020  at  7:00pm * The Savings  Bank Theater

Take and sign the electronic pledge to help be a part of the solution!   https://goo.gl/forms/NlmRbWlNeCLNs9fl2




Wakefield Alliance Against Violence (WAAV) Promotes White Ribbon Campaign

The Wakefield Alliance Against Violence (WAAV) will once again be promoting the statewide White Ribbon Campaign at a local level.  The White Ribbon Campaign is international movement led by men who pledge to be part of the solution in ending violence against women. 

On Wednesday, March 4th from 7-8pm at the Savings Bank Theater WAAV will kick off the month by hosting an event to honor victims & survivors, as well as communicatingWakefield’s commitment to ending gender-based violence.  The event will feature remarks from Tony Burns, Executive Director of Common Purpose, Inc., an Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program which has been servicing the Greater Boston Area since 1987. Wakefield town leaders and elected officials whowill lead the audience in the White Ribbon pledge.  In addition, male vocalists from WMHS will perform and WMHS’s MVP Leaders will highlight violence prevention work being done in the schools & community.  WAAV will set-up informational displays at the Library, Town Hall, WCAT, and the Public Safety building. White Ribbon label pins will be available at the information displays for Wakefield men who are committed to being part of the solution in ending violence against women and girls and all gender-based violence.  In 2019, Officers from the Wakefield Police Department responded to 243 calls for service regarding domestic calls. Of those calls, 52 arrests were made for domestic violence related offenses. According to the 2019Wakefield Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 8.3% of WHS students reported that they had been hurt physically or sexually by a date or someone they were going out with and 9.6% of WHS students reported that someone had sexual contact with them against their will.

The White Ribbon Campaign asks men to raise their voices and be proud to make a personal and public commitment to promote equality, respect and non-violence in their relationships and inall aspects of their lives. WAAV members invite you to join them for this important event.  To find out more, please visit www.JaneDone.org/WhiteRibbonDay. 




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