Wakefield Alliance Against Violence
Wakefield Alliance Against Violence

Members and Supporters

Officers 2020-2022

Co-President: Merry Eldridge

Co-President: Jean Yentile
Vice President: Gerrilyn Trafficante
Treasurer: Merry Eldridge
Recording Secretary: Joie Gerrish

Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Byrne


Board of Directors 2020-2022

Cindy Addeo: Past President

Kathy Byrne: Officer

Nancy Cicia: Community Member

Bob Eldridge: Past President
Merry Eldridge: Officer

Joie Gerrish: Officer 

Carole Giordano: Community Member

Donald Giordano: Community Member

Amy Rando: Family Services Officer, WPD; Past President

Gerrilyn Trafficante: Assistant Principal WMHS, Officer

Jean Yentile: Officer


Members at Large 

Mehreen Butt: Town Councilor

Jeff Cicia: Community Member

Catherine Dhingra: Wakefield Board of Health

Ed Dombroski: Town Councilor

Julie LaVoie: Community Member

Jason Lewis: State Senator

Kate Lipper-Garabedian: State Representative

Catherine McDonald: Director at Beebe Library

Deb Murphy: Community Member

Lisa Roderick: Rotary Club of Wakefield

Susan Scofield: Community Member

Steven Skory: Wakefield Police Chief

Tom Stapleton: Community Member

Ross Steinborn: YWCA North Shore Rape Crisis Center

Donald Wong: State Representative


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Everyone deserves to live without fear