Wakefield Alliance Against Violence
Wakefield Alliance Against Violence

Board of Directors 2018-2020


Co-Presidents Bob & Merry Eldridge
Vice President: Gerrilyn Trafficante
Treasurer: Merry Eldridge
Recording Secretary: Nancy Cicia

Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Byrne


Board Members 2018-2020

Cindy Addeo, Past President

Kathy Byrne, Officer

Nancy Cicia, Officer

Bob Eldridge, President
Merry Eldridge, Officer

Joie Gerrish, Community Member

Carole Giordano, Community Member

Donald Giordano, Community Member

Kim Margolis, Teacher at WMHS, MVP Program Coordinator

Amy Rando, Family Services Officer, WPD; Past President

Jason Skillings, Student Resource Officer, WPD

Ross Steinborn, YWCA Rape Crisis Center
Gerrilyn Trafficante, Assistant Principal WMHS, Officer


Members at Large 2018-2020

Mehreen Butt, Town Councilor

Jeff Cicia, Community Member

Ed Dombroski, Chair of the Town Council

Catherine Dhingra, Wakefield Board of Health

Ricky Goloski, Community Member

Laurel Gourville, Board Of Health

Brendan Kent, Athletics and Wellness Director

Jason Lewis, State Senator

Catherine McDonald, Director at Beebe Library

Steven Skory, Police Chief

Julie Smith-Galvin, Town Councilor

Tom Stapleton, WCAT Studios

Lisa Roderick, Rotary Club of Wakefield

Donald Wong, State Representative


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Everyone deserves to live without fear