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Wakefield Alliance Against Violence
Wakefield Alliance Against Violence

Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

The association between alcohol use and domestic violence has been well established by past research, and there is growing evidence that drug use is associated with domestic violence. The clearest evidence is that alcohol is a risk factor for domestic violence offending. Although the etiology is complex, males who assault their intimate partners have frequently been drinking prior to the violence, and these men often have alcohol problems. There is also some evidence that alcohol and drug use are implicated in domestic violence victimization, although the nature of this relationship is multidimensional and may be more complex than the substance use-domestic violence offending relationship. Substance use/abuse can increase the risk of being victimized by one’s domestic partner, be an aftereffect of domestic violence victimization, and inhibit the capacity of domestic violence victims to protect themselves. For resources regarding substance use visit:


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